Elisa & Mathias Bartoszewski 

Hard to put into words how much love and dedication those two have put into the Kulturhaus. For over 10 years they have been stacking up the stones of the buildings to create a magical place for themselves and others to create in. Widely respected for their engagement and work for the community Elisa is also a composer and organist, while Mathias makes art and has recently been appointed the Mayor of the area.   



Fabian Sialia

Born into an artistic family in Vienna Fabian has been surrounded by music all his life. Writing his first compositions at 11 and writing for film and radio from 18 his musical journey has taken him to work in studios in San Francisco and Brazil. While studying music at University of Goldsmiths in London he founded the record label Fox Lane Music and started working as a producer for other artists. His studio on Fox Lane developed into a magnet for up and coming artists, such as Tom Walker, Whilk & Misky, Alfa Mist and many more. .  

While it's hard to find something she does not do well, Johanna's true talent is photography. After working as a model for many years she has studied artistic photography in Vienna and has developed a style combining the natural with the arty. Her enthusiasm for music has led her into doing photography & videography for musicians in London and Berlin and got her promoted to visual chief for Fox Lane Music.

Johanna Makowski

Stefan Lacina

Won't let a day pass without shaping polished productions. After studying music science at the University of Vienna he was working as a session bass player in London (Whilk & Misky, Tom Walker, James Daniel) where he developed his dedication to rhythm & bass - the foundation of a solid record. His discipline and attention to detail are not only outrageously consequent, but also infectious: Let's get sh** done.