Get to know the founders, artists and principal supporters who nurture and shape the Kulturhaus Steinfurth.

Founder, organist, composer and puppeteer. She loves to lead her audience into dreamlike worlds with her free improvisations on the organ or piano. Together with Mathias she developed several stage performances and serves as the musical director. She works with other musicians, dancers and actors. Also she is a dedicated puppeteer and writes and performs imaginative plays for children as well as for adults.




Visionary, painter, stage master and director. Together with Elisa he founded the Kulturhaus in 2010. His inspiration and motivation is to create visual art and multimedia-based performances which truly touch and connect the people. He enjoys to meet and work with artists from various professions and backgrounds, since differences may be completions and contrasts lead to creativity.

Principal supporters. They are literally the parents of the Kulturhaus. And like good parents they do all they can to keep everything going and make you feel at home. They help preparing, repairing, drive guests to or from the train station and are there for good talk or in case of the small emergencies of everyday-life.



Principal supporters. The good neighbors you want to have. Like Helga and Pepe they are there when help is needed. Furthermore Ursula does the advertising and surprises you with her profound knowledge of the local history. If you want to go on a mushroom foray in the nearby woods Werner is your capable guide.

Born into an artistic family in Vienna Fabian has been surrounded by music all his life. Writing his first compositions at 11 and writing for film and radio from 18 his musical journey has taken him to work in studios in San Francisco and Brazil. While studying music at University of Goldsmiths in London he founded the record label Fox Lane Music and started working as a producer for other artists. His studio on Fox Lane developed into a magnet for up and coming artists, such as Tom Walker, Whilk & Misky, Alfa Mist and many more.



Furry supporters. Luna is probably the most friendly dog of the world. She will greet you with such joy that you feel loved right away. If you need a companion on your walks in the woods, she is the one (but don‘t let her loose, she will trick you). Minze on the other hand may not be as afectionate as the dog, but just the presence of the cat will make you feel relaxed and cosy.

While it's hard to find something she does not do well, Johanna's true talent is photography. After working as a model for many years she has studied artistic photography in Vienna and has developed a style that is painterly and poetic. Her enthusiasm for music has led her into doing photography & videography for musicians in London and Berlin and got her promoted to visual chief for Fox Lane Music.