A place to create, to experience, to connect and grow. Art in all its manifestations. Open-minded and passionate people. Powerful and inspiring nature.


Unforgettable moments. Music. Art.

No matter if you are an artist or professional. Young or old.  

Detach for a while. Spend your time in the idyllic and somewhat timeless village of Steinfurth, on a self discovering journey of making art. Spark your creativity and connect with nature in the surrounding woods and the broad beaches of the near-by Baltic sea.  


Turn your musical ideas into records. 

Record in the home studio of Fabian Sialia, renowned song writer, producer and co-founder of UK based record label Fox Lane Music.

Together with producer Stefan Lacina they are here if you need guidance in the writing and recording process and will help you find your sound.


More info: www.fabiansialia.com  




Perform or exhibit your work to a local crowd when you feel the time has come. We are happy to set up an event in our theater to conclude your time in Steinfurth. People around here are always keen on a good gig: The stage is yours! 


Our unique spaces make for a great look on camera. Work with visual artist Mathias Bartoszewski and Fox Lane Music's production team to create an experience for your online audience. 


It's time for a break. 

Go on your deserved break. Warm up in the sauna, lift some weights in our gym, or ride the tandem with your bass player.